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Instruction in the security and performance of brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Learning of motor controller, you have to know the content. To complete the control of motor speed controller must have a speed signal. Use in similar position signal to gain speed signal, the simple speed sensor is measuring frequency type tachogenerator controller and electronic circuit. Commutation circuit of brushless dc motor controller is composed of two local drive and control, local is not easy to separate the two, particularly small power with circuit integration between the two often become single application-specific integrated circuit. In the power of the larger motor controller, drive circuit and control circuit can become one. Drive circuit output power, drive motor armature winding, and controlled by the control circuit. The driver circuit has from the linear amplification state into PWM switch state, the corresponding circuit composition also from transistor discrete circuit into modular integrated circuit. Brushless motor controller modular integrated circuit with power bipolar transistors, power field effect tube and isolation of bipolar transistor gate field effect, etc. Admittedly, isolation bipolar transistor gate field effect the price is more expensive, but from the perspective of the secure peace and performance is more suitable for it.
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