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If can choose suitable motor controller right? The motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

reduction motor controller is an electric motor and gear box of the combination of all functions in one complete rotation can be divided into several steps. As long as the size of the motor controller conform to the requirements of the application, the position of the motor controller can without any feedback mechanism under the condition of accurate control, micro motor controller is similar to the switched reluctance motor controller. Micro motor controller using the theory of the operation of the magnet, the structure of the micro motor controller provides electrical impulses to rotate the shaft motor controller when a precise distance. There are eight pole stator, rotor has six pole. The rotor will need to electrical impulses to move to complete a full rotation. Another argument is that for each motor controller receives the electrical pulse, rotor move accurately. 1. The first step to understand the application requirements to deceleration motor controller is to check the application requirements. These requirements include, but are not limited to the following content: general requirements: installation type and size, cantilever and lateral load and lubrication type. The input power, voltage, frequency, Hz) , the maximum current ( Amp) And the types of control. Gear motor controller specifications: size, weight, the noise level, life expectancy and maintenance level. Gear motor controller performance: speed, torque, work cycle, horsepower, up and running torque ( Full load) 。 Operating environment: the application and environment temperature, and inlet protection ( IP) Level. 2. Next, choose the appropriate motor controller according to the list of application requirements, and comparing with different types of motor controller specifications, such as gm, brushless dc, ac induction and permanent magnet decelerating motor controller. Because each application has its own unique properties and requirements. 3. Learn to drive the load speed and torque requirements to ensure reduction motor controller for expected demand, to realize output speed, up and running torque. Choosing the right gear motor controller is the output speed ( RPM) And torque match application requirements. Output speed is decided by the requirement of the machine, it should be known. So you can determine the starting and operating torque. When choosing a slowdown in motor controller is designed in advance, manufacturers have completed most of the heavy work, to ensure that the motor controller and the gearbox can work seamlessly. After good starting and running torque calculation, the use of manufacturers of torque, speed and efficiency performance curve find conform to the requirements of the motor controller. And then review the potential design constraints, including running, Full load) Transmission torque, input speed, transmission intensity and thermal characteristics and the work cycle, etc. 4. Test once you select the gear motor controller, it is important to test many times, to ensure that the motor controller in the typical operating environment as well. If the motor controller to overheat, too noisy or pressure, please repeat the motor controller selection process or contact the manufacturer.
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