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How to solve the problem of dc motor controller of the worm gear wear

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Dc motor controller can produce direct current (dc), so its efficiency is also relatively fast. The worm gear for the effective use of the equipment is very important. However, the long-term use of wear and tear problems inevitably. Wear and tear problems will be described in detail below. When the normal operation of dc motor controller, a worm is like a hard 'file' and constantly worm gear, smooth to the wear and tear. In general, the wear and tear slowly, ordinary worm gear can be used more than 10 years. If wear fast, need to consider the selection of the worm gear is correct, whether have overload operation, the material of worm gear and worm, assembly quality and using the environment. Worm gear and worm is due to the dc motor controller gear during the installation process is not oil immersion, due to insufficient lubrication. This problem should be avoid in the installation process. Otherwise, when the dc motor controller to stop operation, motor controller and the controller between the lubricating oil will be lost, gear will not be protected by proper lubrication, worm wheel and gear in the runtime would not get effective lubrication, result in mechanical wear and damage. Therefore, the worm gear is one of the important accessories dc motor controller. Wear occurs, the lubricating oil can be used for lubrication, reducing wear and tear, improve equipment efficiency.
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