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Dc motor controller and ac motor controller of three different contrast

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

dc motor controller and ac motor controller of three different contrast usually have customer consultation motor controller manufacturers staff is to use dc motor controller or ac motor controller. Both are actually a lot of difference, the following is the small make up of the dc motor controller and ac motor controller compares the three big difference, everyone to see one, do not prevent motor controller structure is different, 1) Ac motor controller has a coil, the coil resistance generally is not very big, also is the ohm, phase shift, for example, it is divided into start winding and running winding. ( 2) Dc motor controller structure is mainly composed of stator and rotor, are most used, motor controller, a rotor with a brush, brush motor controller motor controller with a hall sensor, the detection position, in the transformation of the working process of the continuously alternate contact, so that form the alternating magnetic field, rotation, and then developed the dc motor controller, because the carbon brush, brushless ac motor volume and ratio controller and a dc motor controller is much smaller, so now a lot of mechanical equipment is to adopt the brushless dc motor controller. Second, the working principle, 1) Power supply voltage is ac, ac motor controller can communicate through the on-off switch components to control the motor controller, such as thyristor, SCR when pressure must be enough, for example for 220 av, ac motor controller can use pressure value 400 vac, even 600 vac. ( 2) For dc motor controller, it is the power supply voltage of the dc input, can use the PWM control, PWM signal is a kind of duty ratio can be adjusted, can enter different. The following figure is a brushless dc motor controller output figure, up and down the arm has a conduction respectively, motor controller output is 310 v. Dc can be stepless speed regulation, the series can be transferred to the high speed, and can increase the feedback signal, closed loop speed regulation, and can undertake the brake function, that is to say, you can stop within a certain period of time to make it soon, output stability is better. Three general dc motor controller, the output power is different than the power of ac motor controller, especially the brushless dc motor controller, but the brushless dc motor controller to overcome many disadvantages of a dc motor controller. So at this stage of the motor controller on the market, the brushless dc motor controller has brush is more popular than dc. More about dc motor controller, ac motor controller, brushless motor controller, a motor controller, welcome everybody to discuss together.
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