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Causes servo drive off investment

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

1, the power supply into line 'phase sequence' is not correct. Because servo drive SCR trigger pulse and the main circuit of the synchronization problem, so the phase sequence of the input power has strict requirements, if the phase sequence is not correct, could cause a drive immediately turning on the power supply main loop fuse fusing. 2, mechanical failure load is too large. Workbench of frictional resistance is too large, the gear meshing phenomena caused by bad, workpiece and machine tool interference, collision, such as mechanical parts of the 'lock' is likely to cause heavy load. The above problems, the general can pass off the motor controller and connection between the mechanical transmission system and measure the working current of the motor to determine further confirmation. 3, cutting condition is not appropriate. Such as machine tool cutting amount is too large, continuous heavy cutting, etc. 4, a fault in the drive. Damage, such as the control unit of the components on the control panel to set the setting error, improper adjustment potentiometer, etc. 5, connection errors between the drive and motor controller. Such as velocity feedback was taken into positive feedback, make the oscillation of the servo motor controller speed or systems. 6, motor selection inappropriate or bad motor controller. Such as: because of the long-term work or other reasons cause the 'demagnetization of servo motor controller, excitation current is too large: the winding motor controller exists partial short circuit, causing the drive fuse fusing.
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