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How to solve the problem of short circuit brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
After long-term use of brushless motor controller is bound to have all sorts of problems. If the motor controller circuit, how should we deal with it? I want to give you a brief introduction. 1, the front of brushless motor controller circuit. Motor controller should be connected correctly, Labour should be welded correctly, and then wrapped with insulating materials, cover, with insulating tube package and dry. 2, motor controller cage rotor can be replaced by welding, cold welding or belt to repair. 3, trough the breakpoint can be found by group elimination, the breakpoint is a good way to connect in the winding. Before use, should check whether the insulation is qualified. 4, if winding turn-to-turn, interphase short circuit and grounding and severely burned, a new winding should be replaced. Brushless motor controller, maintenance should be combined with local actual situation, broaden the train of thought, analysis step by step, one by one, until find out the real reason for failure.
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