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How economic transition to brushless dc motor controller effectively

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

how economic transition to brushless dc motor controller effectively intelligent small drive motor controller development mature, including brushless dc motor controller, 刷) , permanent magnet synchronous motor controller ( 永磁同步电动机) And stepping motor controller, etc. Because has the technical advantages and improves the production efficiency, intelligent small drive motor controller are many existing applications instead of a brush motor controller. Automobile industry is an obvious example. A brushless dc motor controller, BDC) Motion control system, obviously, its control is not as complicated as brushless dc motor controller. In simple terms: control of brushless dc motor controller, as long as give a voltage, motor controller will work. For BLDC motor control system motors less experienced engineers often worry about the switch to BLDC motor controller technology motors have difficulty, even if they understand BLDC advantage of motors. Complex electronic systems and programming of the system is considered to be a obstacle. At the same time, electronic commutation lead to higher costs usually also difficult to accept. But the transition from a brush dc motor controller to brushless dc motor controller is not difficult. Most of the time only need a simple brushless drive can be achieved on the basis of the controller of brushless dc motor control, including speed control, start-stop, positive and negative transfer. In many cases, due to the higher efficiency, can choose a smaller motor controller. Brushless drive can also be smaller, so as to further reduce the cost of materials ( Motor controller, shell, gear, etc. ) 。 In addition, it can control system of brushless motor controller specific programming, make it from the size and shape of the brushless dc motor controller is almost unanimously. Therefore, under the premise of without changing the entire system, to upgrade existing power transmission system. In addition, the long term, through monitoring and diagnosis function, etc. , to improve the system. So customers don't need to design from the very beginning. Brushless drive integration increases, the flexibility of drive circuit and the driving mode of the selected options and diagnosis. More and more functions are integrated into the brushless drive, can simplify many complicated programming process, let users more easily accept the brushless dc motor controller, more convenient to replace the original has a brush dc motor controller.
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