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The cause of the abnormal heat brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

some of the reasons for abnormal fever brushless motor controller motor controller in the event of a failure of time all have one thing in common, is unusually hot. Brushless motor controller is not exceptional also, operate at a high speed brushless motor controller, easy to heat, this is normal, but if not high speed when an exception occurs fever, at this time requires some troubleshooting in time, continue to be put into use only after troubleshooting, otherwise easy to burn out the phenomenon of brushless motor controller. The brushless motor controller is the cause of the abnormal heat mainly has: ( 1) Generator controller overload, make the load current, voltage does not exceed the rating. ( 2) The load power factor is too low, adjust the load, the excitation current shall not exceed the rating, ( 3) Speed is too low, adjust the speed to the rating. ( 4) Generator controller is part of a winding short circuit, and find out short circuit, correct or replace the coil. ( 5) Downwind obstruction, eliminate obstacles, open motor controller, thoroughly air duct. Motor controller load the runtime controller with power loss, will eventually be into heat energy, it can make the motor controller temperature, more than the ambient temperature. The value of the motor controller temperature higher than the environment temperature is called heat up. Once the warming, motor controller will be around to heat dissipation; When the heat emitted by motor controller unit time is equal to the heat generated by the, motor controller temperature no longer increases, and maintained a stable temperature, which is in a state of thermal equilibrium. If an exception occurs fever, can make the motor controller internal component failure and even burn out, so when using brushless motor controller must pay attention to the operation temperature.
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