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How to realize the brushless dc motor controller yo-yo?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Dc motor controller has rapid response, large starting torque, rotating speed of from zero to rated speed can provide the rated torque performance. We know that the brushless dc motor controller in many occasions require motor controller not only has good starting and regulating characteristics, requirements and motor controller to turn positive and negative. So how to realize the brushless dc motor controller yo-yo? Please see below. Typically used to change the logic relation of inverter switch tube, the armature winding conduction sequence of each phase to realize the motor controller and reversing. In order to make the motor controller and reversing can produce maximum average electromagnetic torque in order to ensure symmetrical operation, must design the rotor position sensor and the main pole and stator rotor position relationship of each phase winding and correct logical relation. Is/inversion of control ( DIR) By controlling the terminal 'DIR' and terminal '. com 'tong, can control the running direction of the motor controller. Terminal 'DIR' internal resistance on the way to + 12, can be used with passive contact switch, also can cooperate to open collector of PLC control unit; When the 'DIR' and terminal '. com 'not connected motor controller clockwise direction ( In the face of shaft motor controller) , counterclockwise conversely; To avoid the damage of the brushless dc drives, should first when change the motor controller to change motor controller to stop movement after operation, to avoid using motor controller runtime operation direction control. Speed signal output ( 速度) Brushless dc drives through the terminal SPEED ~ COM to provide users with motor controller is proportional to the SPEED of the pulse signal. Each pulse number = 6 x motor controller logarithm, SPEED frequency ( Hz) = turn each pulse number x speed ( Revolutions per minute) ÷60。 Example: 4 pole motor controller, 24 pulses per revolution, when the motor controller SPEED is 500 RPM, terminal SPEED output frequency is 200 hz.
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