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Experience: teach you how to solve the fever of stepping motor controller failure

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Now stepping motor controller is widely used, so when using step motor controller will have many trouble, for example when we use the stepper motor controller it often phenomenon of fever, so how to reduce the stepper motor controller of fever? Let's to get to know. Heat, can reduce the motor controller to reduce damage of copper and iron. To reduce the damage of copper has two directions, namely reduce the resistance and current. This requires us in selecting type, try to choose the resistance is small, small rated current of the motor. For the two-phase motor, can be used in series of motor don't need a motor in parallel. However, this often conflicts with torque and the requirement of high speed. For selected stepper motor controller, should make full use of the drive of automatic flow control function and offline capabilities, the former in stepper motor automatically reduce the current controller is resting, the latter simply cut off the current. In addition, due to the current waveform is close to sine, subdivision drive harmonic is small, so the fever of stepping motor controller is smaller. Very few ways to reduce iron loss, voltage level involved. While high voltage driving of stepping motor controller can improve the speed characteristics of motor controller, but also can increase the motor controller of fever. Should choose a suitable driving voltage level, at the same time, considering the high frequency stability and heating, such as noise indicators. Stepper motor controller as actuators of electromechanical integration, is one of the key products of electromechanical integration, it is widely used in various kinds of automatic control system. With the development of microelectronics technology and computer technology, the increasing demand for stepper motor controller, and in the various fields of national economy has been widely used.
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