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Brushless dc motor controller in the application of AGV car

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Motor controller is the core of the AGV car components, the quality of the motor controller determines the performance of the AGV car, motor controller scheme when the choice, you can choose to brushless dc motor controller, can also choose to have a dc motor controller, according to the developing trend of AGV car, using a brushless dc motor controller is the main options. Motor controller is one of the clients, we do transmission electronic accessories in conveying of AGV car, use a dc motor controller, the beginning of use after a period of time, a dc motor controller of life is short, the isolation is maintained for a period of time, especially the better carbon brush, is very trouble, so they put a dc motor controller for brushless dc motor controller, but the use of imports of brushless dc motor controller, high cost, also often can not adapt to the specific requirements of the development, communication is not convenient, customers for this thing is very trouble. Customers in his client's workshop have to use our motor controller of brushless dc motor controller, try to contact with us, our van engineers for customized a brushless dc motor controller and the corresponding gear reducer, according to the requirements of the AGV car performance, special choose a brushless dc motor drive controller. After using our brushless dc motor controller, with Japan and South Korea imported motor controller is same, our special collocation scheme on the performance is superior to import the same kind of dc brushless motor controller, in a certain time after the use, service life and the import of transcendence of brushless dc motor controller, also can meets the design requirements of the customer's change frequently, completely done one-to-one customized service, and customers manufacturing cost greatly reduced 30%, the lead time from the original time get longer within 7 days of a month, the customer to our overall very satisfied. Customers on the import of brushless dc motor controller of brushless dc motor controller, we provided for the performance of the following tests: 1, partial brake in the original import of brushless dc motor controller, an emergency brake, brake distance of 0. 2m。 After using our brushless dc motor controller, brake distance of 0. 08 m, partial brake is reduced by 60%. 2, speed adjustment cycle using brushless dc motor controller, dc motor, the speed of the two motor controller adjustment cycle, there are 3 shift for 1 turn. 3, start, stability in the use of brushless dc motor controller, after startup, very smooth and peaceful, no sense of frustration, customers put up a coin on the car, start and stop, COINS are not falling down. 4, high-pressure shock without electricity driving the car, the power generation tend to drive high impact, and we selected for the customer the drive is considered in this area, to completely eliminate the high-pressure shock.
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