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Brushless dc motor controller control mode

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

brushless dc motor controller control brushless dc motor controller by eliminating physical carbon brush, effectively prolong the service life of the motor controller, reduces the motor controller in the noise and friction in the process of operation, to avoid the carbon brush motor controller which sparks in the process of operation for production safety hidden trouble, but also effectively reduce the volume of motor controller. But also because of cancelled the carbon brush of the physical, brushless motor controller can only be realized by brushless drive a digital signals, thus turning. So what are control of brushless dc motor controller? Underneath explain to everyone. The control of the brushless dc motor controller ways mainly have three kinds: with position sensor and no position sensor and intelligent control. One, with position sensor control ( Hall sensor) With position sensor control is installed on the stator brushless dc motor controller position sensor to detect the rotor position and control of the stator winding commutation. Position sensor is used in the electromagnetic ( Such as magnetic resistance rotating transformer) , photoelectric ( If the mask) , magnetic susceptibility ( Such as hall sensor) Etc. , one of the most widely used with position sensor control system is we often contact with hall sensor. Second, the sensorless control of sensorless control of brushless dc motor controller, not directly on the stator of the brushless dc motor controller installed position sensor to detect the rotor position. It usually use direct against potential detection, potential three harmonic method, the current path monitoring method, open circuit voltage method, the phase inductance method, the potential logic level methods such as integral comparison method to indirectly detect the rotor position. Three control theory of intelligent control, intelligent control is the advanced stage of development, generally includes fuzzy control, neural network control, expert system, etc. Intelligent control system has the function such as self-learning, adaptive, self-organizing, able to solve the problem of model uncertainty, nonlinear control, and other more complex problems. Strictly speaking, BLDCM is a multi-variable, nonlinear, strong coupling, so use intelligent control can achieve satisfactory control result. At present, there have been many more mature intelligent control methods applied in brushless dc motor control, for example: the combination of Fuzzy control and PID control Fuzzy - PID control, fuzzy control and neural network with the combination of compound control and the parameters of the membership degree by the genetic algorithm to optimize the fuzzy control and single neuron adaptive control, etc. All three of these is the current way of brushless dc motor controller to control, the most common is the first position sensor control mode, the hall sensor, low cost, high reliability, the localization is accurate, mass production and the use of brushless dc motor controller is one of the best control mode.
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