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Brushless dc motor controller and step motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller and step motor controller is the difference between a stepping motor controller is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of open loop control yuan stepper motor control device. In the case of the overload, the speed of the motor controller, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not affected by load change. Brushless dc motor controller is a kind of high performance motor, its the biggest characteristic is the external characteristic of dc motor without brush of the structure of the mechanical contact, it USES the permanent magnet rotor, no excitation loss, fever and installed on the outside of the stator, armature winding heat easily. The difference between the two is as follows. 1, the different control precision, on the basis of the principle of driven commonly so brushless dc motor controller is used to control the accuracy is not high, the stepping motor controller is used to control the accuracy is higher. 2 different brushless dc motor controller, drive principle and the general principle of stepping motor controller is different, brushless dc motor controller is provided by hall element positioning alternating power control. Stepping motor controller is driven by single pulse voltage directly, don't need a hall element, can be added to the motor by controlling the number of pulse controller to precise positioning rotation Angle. 3, different brushless dc motor speed controller is higher than the speed of the stepper motor controller. Stepper motor controller because of driving mode, giving the number of pulses within a certain time is limited, so the step motor controller generally most of the work speed are below 500 RPM, more than 500 RPM stepper motor controller torque loss into a free fall. The brushless motor controller by a digital signal by hall sensor to the reversing work, without the restrictions of carbon brush, speed can be very high speed, 3000 - 8000 r / min。
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