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The brushless motor controller short circuit?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

short-circuit the brushless motor controller? All motor controller after use in the long run, will be vulnerable to all sorts of problems, it is a problem of mechanical equipment is inevitable, brushless motor controller is also hard to avoid can appear all sorts of problems after long time use. If the short circuit the brushless motor controller, we should be how to solve? Give you a brief introduction of below. 1. Break phenomenon appeared in the front of the brushless motor controller, motor controller shall be connected well, welding, package on insulating materials again, on insulating tube, tie is good, then drying; 2. Motor controller appear broken squirrel-cage rotor cage phenomenon, can use welding, cold connection or change the original repair; 3. Cut-off points within the tank, can be eliminated by grouping method to identify breakpoints, and broken in the winding connection is good, the only after they have passed the inspection of insulation used; 4. By reason of turn-to-turn, interphase short circuit and grounding caused winding badly burned, a new winding should be replaced. Special remind: the brushless motor controller for repair, should be combined with the actual situation of using occasions, step by step analysis, ruled out one by one, until you find the real cause of the problem. Maintenance brushless motor controller must be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, if there is no professional maintenance professionals, brushless motor controller in the brushless motor controller fails, the best or returned to the factory to check the maintenance.
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