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Main gear reducer parts forming method

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

box body and box cover: the box body and box cover is reducer transmission parts in support and tolerance parts, structure complicated, the case under pressure, require good stiffness, vibration resistance and impermeability. Box cover, box in a single small batch production, with gray cast iron materials ( HTl50 or HT200) , casting modelling method by hand; Or use carbon structural steel ( Q235A) , manual arc welding and into. When mass production, the use of gray cast iron, cast forming machine modelling method. : shaft, gear shaft, and gear are important transmission parts of reducer, shaft and the shaft of the gear shaft rod part of the short of the bending and twisting short joint action, request has better comprehensive mechanical properties; Gear shaft and gear tooth part of the larger contact stress and bending stress, should have good wear resistance and high strength. Single production, using the medium carbon steel ( 45 steel) With free forging method or foetuses die forging forming, also can use the round steel bar cutting of medium carbon steel. By adopting the method of medium carbon steel die forging forming when mass production. Rolling bearings of rolling bearing, reducer by the radial and axial compressive stress, require high strength and abrasion resistance. Rolling bearings for standard parts, its inner and outer ring with fluctuations of bearing steel ( GCrl5) Reaming forging, ball using rolling bearing steel ( GCrl5) Helical skew rolling, the cage is made of high quality carbon structural steel ( 08 steel) Stamping. Bearing end cover: bearing end cover is mainly to prevent the bearing dynamic, and protective role. Single piece and small batch production, will use the gray cast iron, HT150) Handmade molding casting, or use carbon structural steel ( Q235) Round steel cutting and into. When mass production, the use of grey cast iron machine casting shape. Bolts and nuts, bolts and nuts fixed box cover and the box body, bolt rod longitudinal ( The axial) Tensile stress, the stress and transverse shear stress. Bolts and nuts for standard parts, using carbon structural steel ( Q235A) Block forging or extrusion.
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