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Dc servo motor controller in the control system of the intelligent car lights

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
With the development of automobile technology, the traditional headlamps because each group of beam strength, Angle of tonality is increasingly showing its shortcomings, more and more can't satisfy people's needs. In this case, a change with driving conditions and real-time change of the intelligent lighting system for automobile light control research is very meaningful. Auto intelligent lighting control system is an important part of dc servo motor controller driver control chip, the chip according to the state of the car and driver used to automatically or manually adjust the irradiation direction of car headlights, to meet consumer demand for automobile safety and comfort. Chip in the servo amplifier is designed to ensure the whole chip has good dynamic corresponding external feedback signal and high sensitivity. Negative feedback closed loop control is to ensure that the chip to the perceptual load inertia adjustment performance, improve the stability of the output voltage.
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