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Dc motor controller is burned

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Dc motor controller as indispensable rotating device, the long time work in harsh environment, motor controller burned accidents often happen. This not only affect the operation of the equipment, there are many will cause certain threat to the staff. Below we analyze the create what are the cause of the dc motor controller is burned. 1. Sealing is not very good, because the motor controller itself and the environment is dirty and make the motor controller inside water or into other corrosive liquid, winding insulation erosion resulted in dc motor controller. And serious when can appear the phenomenon such as short circuit or interturn short circuit, so that the local burn winding motor controller. 2. For bearing damage, axis bend, fixed, rotor friction, core temperature rise sharply, slot insulation and turn-to-turn insulation were burned, so cause the winding interturn short circuit. 3. Because the winding end is longer or local friction and end cover damage, so lead to local burn winding. Therefore, in order to make dc motor controller using life, reduce the incidence of motor controller is burned, we not only need to use the right way, and for regular maintenance and repair it.
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