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Brushless motor controller will overload? Beware of the following conditions

by:Hoprio     2020-07-23

the brushless motor controller will overload? Yes, of all motor controller, if improper use will appear overload phenomenon. Although the brushless motor controller with small volume, high efficiency, no carbon brush, service life long advantages instead of the traditional mechanical commutator motor controller to use. Brushless motor controller once appear the following situation to beware of overload. A, brushless motor controller overload will stop directly, this is for the protection of the drive mechanism, need to reopen the closed and open to normal operation. Second, the brushless motor controller drives when overload trouble light interval is one green and one red flashing. Three, if appear overload phenomenon, brushless motor controller can adjust the ADC is start and stop time slowly, slowly let the motor controller to load this likely higher load, there are a lot of large load if all of a sudden load heavy load, easy overload directly, because the brushless motor controller when start to rated speed torque is low, only locked-rotor torque when more than the rated torque. Four, though sometimes brushless motor controller can run more than rated current 1 times, but only a short period of time, time is too long will be easy to burn out motor controller or drive. Five, brushless motor controller in the operating temperature is stable after 50 minutes, when idle is roughly 80 °, motor controller running within the db is 60 db, after wearing load temperature may drop, because will take away part of the heat load, load or with a machine of decelerate of planet of can reduce noise, because motor controller speed is reduced, the noise will be relatively low.
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