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Using brushless dc motor controller which should pay attention to details

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

use the brushless dc motor controller which should pay attention to details: a, if the products have no special requirements, under the rated voltage of dc motor controller does not allow to run the reverse connection system. Because once to run the reverse system, can cause permanent magnet demagnetization, if don't want to run in this way, then add current limiting resistor to limit current is too large. Second, pay attention to avoid excessive current, temperature and magnetic circuit open circuit when disassembling cause permanent magnet demagnetization, especially aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet motor controller, when disassembling the need for magnetic short circuit protection, avoid to cause demagnetization. Three, the brush replacement, need on the surrounding electrical carbon dust to clean first, then use alcohol, gasoline to clean the commutator. At the same time should pay attention to when using the new brush no-load running in. Four, when the load is too large, or caused by improper use of large current and power transistor burned, will use high-power transistors, protect destruction drive for more than current specifications. Five, when the current motor controller load not small, when to stop rotating equipment side back to drive energy will endanger the drive, so we need to cooperate with overvoltage protection circuit and retrogradation energy dissipation circuit for processing.
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