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Use dc motor controller is related to the note

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
For most of us are not strange dc motor controller. But use the matters needing attention for it, as well as the matters needing attention before the start, many people may not know. Tell me the dc motor controller, small make up to you before the start of the matters needing attention. 1. Connection: the controller of dc motor for power plants generally take the shunt type dc motor controller, so it is the connection mode of the H1 and after B1 and the positive connection of the dc power supply, H2 and B2 after connected to the negative electrode of dc power supply. 2. Reduce the starting current of dc motor controller: all starting the controller of dc motor should reduce the starting current to 2 times the rated current. By lowering the starting voltage of the motor controller to limit the starting current. 3. Dc contactor coil problem: run with dc contactor, to ensure that the contactor coil can run for a long time, will start to run after the contactor string into a 150 w, 1000 Ω resistance, to avoid the coil burned. To sum up, whether to know more about all of the use of dc motor controller.
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