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The application of the frequency conversion brushless dc motor occasion - The brushless dc motor in the south of anhui website | brushless dc motor manufacturers

by:Hoprio     2020-12-09
Frequency conversion brushless dc motor frequency conversion brushless dc motor for short, is a frequency converter drive motor. Actually designed for inverter for brushless dc motor frequency conversion for brushless dc motor, brushless dc motor can be realized by the driving of the frequency converter different rotational speed and torque, to adapt to the demand of load change. Frequency conversion motor by traditional squirrel-cage motor development, changed the traditional brushless dc motor fan to fan, independence and improve the insulation performance of the brushless dc motor winding. In the occasions such as low power and frequency of the request is not high under the condition of rated working frequency, can be replaced with ordinary squirrel cage motor. Compared to ordinary motor and speed regulating, the main motor frequency conversion speed control can realize the promise is the advantage of wide speed range, secondly less power-hungry under light load and low speed; But there are also many ordinary brushless dc motor, for example in power frequency about loss and temperature rise significantly higher than that of ordinary brushless dc motor, and noise, vibration, etc are relatively poor. Other price is high, the frequency conversion device applicable and maintenance is difficult more obvious weaknesses. So don't blindly use of frequency converter and frequency conversion speed regulating motor. 1, 1) need to use the occasion of frequency control of motor speed motor Need promise wide speed range, especially in high speed in power frequency more than 100%, low speed in power frequency speed less than 20% of the applications. 2) The on load often is in light load condition, and allowed to speed down while light load, such as water supply system of water pump, escalators, air conditioning air supply system, etc. , there are certain energy-saving effect. 3) Need infinitely adjustable-speed, and need to soft start and ( Or) The occasion of soft braking. 4) Need to infinitely adjustable-speed, and need to reduce the motor to take up space. 2, frequency control of motor speed motor 1) is not applicable to occasions Original intention is to realize the soft start and save electricity, but the speed range, but only in the range of speed rated rotary speed of the motor & plusmn; Of less than 5% and not load system is a must. Governing the rated speed of the motor with frequency converter control electricity & plusmn; 5% less than speed regulation, and compared with ordinary motor directly, and it is impossible to save electricity ( In & plusmn; Less than 3%, instead more inefficient) And also can give rise to noise ( Especially high frequency electromagnetic noise) And high temperature series of undesirable problems. 2) And other electrical devices connected to the motor power supply circuit, the electromagnetic interference and harmonic component is bigger when the power supply equipment can't work normally, such as certain precision instruments and meters and controllers. Finally, the BLDC motor in the south of anhui to remind the broad masses of users, to buy or ordinary frequency conversion brushless dc motor, brushless dc motor needs to be based on brushless dc chance working condition of the reasonable choice. If you need help, can consult our online customer service.
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