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Servo motor control technology development prospects

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

in the present enterprise to carry on the design and application of the servo motor controller is through the situation of main motor controller to control, application-specific integrated circuit and main application of complex programmable logic device and the field programmable logic array to implement the software. On the technical application, you need combined with the requirement of different users and electronic system for the design of integrated circuit, and through the circuit to meet the operating boundary scan, realize the user can programmed control operations at the scene. At the same time, the circuit design and the production time is short, this is mainly due to the user requirements and the quantity is less. This compared with general circuit also showed a lighter weight and smaller volume, lower cost and power consumption and high quality, at the same time, the technology will also to control the motor controller MCU design and motor control DSP controller design, etc. In the during the 1980 s, the technology and the processing technology of catalytic and obtained a larger application, and application of this technology in the numerical control system is more and more widely, dc servo system is realized with alternative, also become the main development direction of the future. At the same time in the application of this technique is combined with the current advanced computer technology to come to digital and development direction, such as microprocessors, improve its reliability and flexible, to reduce the complexity of the debug function of servo system, improve its accuracy, promote the technology to develop in the direction of intelligent, systematic and digitization.
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