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Learn how to make the brushless dc motor longevity

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
How to make the life of brushless dc motor can be longer? Take the electric motor, brushless electric motor at low speed didn't brush but it needs a hole for reversing device. In super load state, prone to reverse a bad problem, the formation of magnetic short circuit, thus burning controller and hall component, so super load has a very big impact to the brushless motor controller.

brushless dc motor is electric power organization, its performance is good for electric vehicle performance has a direct impact. Must carry out maintenance and maintenance.
1, the electric bicycle commutator wear levels. General brush wear to 4 ~ 5 mm lead, should be replaced when the commutator surface depth greater than zero. 5 mm should be replaced. Motor controller for normal use, regardless of its degree of wear and tear, all should regularly ( Two years commonly) Replace the commutator.
2, both have to brush electric motor or brushless electric motor, the input current metropolitan impact performance. The motor voltage is supply by the controller. Within the controller electronics component aging will lead to input the motor current. Therefore must inspect the controller, if necessary, replace the controller.
3, on a regular basis for electric motor lubrication for gears, bearings and parts, if the gear and bearing inner and outer casing wear is too large, antivibration, spring slice deformation performance degradation or break controller shall be replaced.
4, often to the electric car battery charging, keep the battery voltage, enough to prevent the fever caused by insufficient voltage motor controller, accelerated aging electric brushless dc motors.
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