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Dc motor controller and ac motor controller of differences

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
And in the interpretation of the dc motor controller of relevant knowledge. Next, let's explain the comparison of dc motor controller and ac motor controller and difference. For more information, please see the following in detail: 1, the input power of different types: use the ac power, ac motor controller and DC motor controller using DC power supply. 2, the structure of the motor controller is different: for example, usually with brush and commutator, dc motor controller and ac motor controller is usually not! This is why the ac motor controller than dc motor controller is widely used! Dc motor controller often sparks between brush and commutator, cause the commutator surface oxidation and insulation. 3, different purposes: dc motor controller is mainly used in machinery or other wide speed equipment, such as planing machine, rolling mill, and electric crawler tractor, ac motor controller is mainly used in machinery or other small range of speed regulation devices, such as ordinary fan, water pumps, machine tools, cranes, etc. , of course, with the development of power electronic technology in recent years, such as thyristor gate level and insulated gate bipolar transistor, ac motor controller speed becomes more easy! Speed range are also growing, some needs a wide range of speed regulation equipment gradually adopts ac motor controller. Popular harmonious high-power electric locomotive on railway, for example, is now using three-phase ac asynchronous motor instead of the traditional dc motor controller.
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