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Using servo automation to achieve cost reduction and productivity increased

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Practice proves that integrated servo motor controller itself is one of the important positive results. The size of the servo motor controller allows it to be easily installed on the site occupied by hydraulic components. Level of torque of the motor controller can make the well adapt to the sawmill application delivery sheet required high power and low speed. Torque density profiles of servo motor controller to replace the original design of a mechanical gear box, the result is to reduce the cost of the parts. The accuracy of motion control components to the conveyor belt of the error is reduced to 1/250 of an inch from 1/8 of an inch, this makes the lumber company can without sacrificing accuracy of cutting conditions to shorten the length of the transmission belt. Install enable servo motor controller for trimming machine has reached the performance goal. The goal is to increase output to 75 plates per minute, each plank need cycle time is 800 milliseconds. Due to the servo drive control system can lead to higher accuracy, the design team is also looking forward to can improve the quality of the plate. All target overfulfilled. Plate quality of output increased by 25%, the servo device assembly WaneShear trimming machine processing standards at a speed of 20 feet per second of eight feet factory of plank, far more than 800 milliseconds. The benefits of servo drive solution is obvious. In all WaneShear mechanical equipment of the future will adopt servo motor controller and the design of the transmission. 'We also see on customer factory of other machinery and equipment of the applications of servo products. 'Said McGehee, expect a long time in the future continue to use the automation technology. Selected from OFweek industrial control network
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