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The motor controller for rolling bearing fault operation and matters needing attention

by:Hoprio     2020-07-23

1 choose the bearings and grease different occasions on the power of the motor work size, installation type, protection grade, load types require different, differences also exist in the choice of the bearing. Select the correct bearing, to adapt to the operation of equipment, reduce the occurrence of failure in use process. Different models of motor selection corresponding bearing type, small motor use ball bearing; Medium horizontal motor controller with the roller bearing, the drive end bearing, ensure the rotor radial force. Medium-sized vertical motor using angular contact ball bearing. Three-phase ac asynchronous motor usually use open deep groove ball bearings. Motor control for rolling bearings generally USES lithium base grease 2 and 3 lithium base grease, because lithium grease compared with other grease performance is good, wide applicable temperature range. Derived series motors are used for lithium grease sealed bearing, reduce the frequency of bearing maintenance, increase the bearing is fixed number of year. Comparison of high speed and heavy load bearing, with molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease. Should often clean and grease, timely replacement of the same type of grease. 2 USES the detection technology to protect motor controller assembly process and well motor controller in the process of operation using, occur because of the reason of the axial electromagnetic bearing itself, this time the hum of the motor controller occur less frequently, therefore, need to exert an axial stress of bearing outer ring additive, eliminate noise, the method is on the outside of the bearing and the wave washer, ensure the normal order of the bearing clearance. Eccentric air-gap magnetic field of the motor controller motor controller detection, real-time monitoring of abrasion of motor controller, by observing the motor controller eccentric trends, bearing wear, early detection and bearing deviate from normal orbit, such as the problems, avoid the accident of the sweep chamber. 3 regular testing bearing damage inspection of bearing radial clearance, bearing damage, when bearing wear serious, electric opportunities appear larger noise, means that the need to replace new bearing.
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