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The development history of brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
For the masses, brushless motor controller is a relatively new type of motor, in recent years gradually applied to daily life. Actually early in 1917, the basic idea of brushless dc motor controller was born, because mechanical brush of the easy wear characteristics of brushless dc motor controller is a fatal weakness, it affected the motor controller in the field of whole application, people need a can do not need to maintain can use for a long time of motor controller to replace it. Boiiger raises rectifier instead of at that time the idea of having mechanical brush brush dc motor controller. Harrison and others for the first time to apply for the substitute transistor commutation circuit for brushless dc motor controller with mechanical brush's patent, not formally marks the birth of modern brushless motor controller.

with the 1978 classic MAC brushless dc motor controller and driver, as well as the 80 s square wave brushless motor controller and sine wave brushless dc motor controller of research and development, the brushless motor controller really began to enter the practical stage, and get rapid development. The brushless dc motor controller has been relatively full development in the world, and in some of the more developed countries, will become a leading motor controller in the next few years, and gradually replaced by other types of motor controller. In our country, comprehensive level is still lower than international level brushless motor controller, one reason is that in the early 70 s, China began to research work than international development at least half a century later, not as good as other developed countries, research degree; Another primary reason is that our research work mainly focused on some scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning, and practice of combining degree is still relatively low, especially the manufacturing technology and processing equipment is far from the standard of international, now about the international level in the late 70 s and early 80 s.
























无刷电机控制器应用发展最关键的时代是近10年。 Can be seen from the table above, brushless motor controller and a motor controller, compared to the high cost is mainly due to the increase of electronic components. Ontology in the early 80 s, the motor controller and the reversing driving circuit price is about 1:10, high costs restricts the development of brushless motor controller application. Nearly a decade, with the development of power electronic technology and the integrated control technology high speed, good character, character of cheap electronic components for the development of brushless dc motor controller created excellent conditions; Motor controller of ontology and the reversing driving circuit price already fell to 1 to 1 ~ 3, this is for the application of a large number of promotion of brushless motor controller created prerequisites.
now is the golden age of brushless motor controller, also is the golden age of, may accompany the brushless motor controller applied extension to glory, to witness!
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