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Solution extraction of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
With the widespread use of dc motor controller, in use process of extraction would happen sometimes. Although it is not a big problem, but since the must be processed, avoid small problems become a bigger problem. 1. Used for high production of dc motor controller, which requires no direct platoon atmosphere, because atmosphere can make it straight intake and exhaust pressure difference is too, overload caused it to happen. 2. Pump before use when you need to set up, using the backing pump suction pressure in the system to a certain range, so as to avoid overload phenomenon. 3. Because the rotor dc motor controller, is constantly flipping by inhaling experience from the air inlet suction and then into the space between the rotor and the pump shell, and then discharge through the vent port. If the edge at the top of the rotor turning vent, at the same time, its space and exhaust side is the same, so will exhaust gas pressure is higher, lead to increased gas pressure. Above is extraction of the dc motor controller, you know.
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