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How to realize deceleration is dc gear motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Dc gear motor controller, also known as the gear reduction motor controller can be divided into intrusive dc gear motor, controller is like a miniature dc gear motor controller using the norm, the smart home, office equipment, machinery and equipment, and summoned the robots, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) category are common use; Which actually dc acceleration electromechanical became so? Let's know the dc speed mechanical and electrical layout and things reason; The layout of the dc gear motor controller is composed of, dc electrical and accelerator ( Also known as the gearbox) Composition, dc electrical input speed is high, but the torque is small, can not mobilize the operation of the equipment and products, at this time is necessary to an accelerator, accelerator to low speed rotation speed, torque, promotion to the consequences of transmission load; Accelerator ( Gear box) Of course is a custom power plan, multistage gear, outside series is higher, the lower the speed, torque, the greater the load to the higher; Things: per level gear by multiple intrusive different gear mesh, this form in order to speed ratio, gear ratio, low rotational speed, torque promotion; Miniature dc speed daily mechanical and electrical power is through the process customization, so much is consistent application of products, equipment, also greatly decreased. Dc gear motor controller features: small volume, compact layout, too low, high transmission efficiency, strong practicability, adopted the custom as usual form of power, promotion of dc speed mechanical and electrical utility ratio and universality.
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