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Brushless motor controller is how to run

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
In addition to the brushless motor controller brush, the most immediate change is not a brush motor controller during edm operation, thus greatly reduce the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment. So the brushless motor controller is applied widely in electrical electrician, pick up from below, let me explain the brushless motor controller for you is how to run.

inside the motor controller of hall sensor is the power cord that red line generally take 5-12 v dc. And in the majority with 5 v. Inside the hall signal transmission motor controller magnetic steel relative to the position of the coil, according to the three hall signal controller can know at this time should be how to coil motor controller is not the same as the state of power supply is hall, is not the same as the current direction of the coil.

hall signals to the controller, the controller through motor controller phase line ( Bold lines, not hall line) Coil power supply to the motor controller and motor controller, magnetic steel and coil ( Precisely in the stator coil, actually hall is generally installed on the stator) Rotation, hall induction of new position signal, controller and line to coil motor controller to change the direction of current power supply, motor controller continues to rotate, this is the electronic commutation.
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