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Brushless dc motor controller selection considerations

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller selection considerations for brushless dc motor controller has many types and models, how to choose the right use of brushless dc motor controller? Here is to explore the brushless dc motor controller with everyone selection considerations. First choose brushless dc motor controller products, should choose the right voltage according to the customer need to choose the rated voltage to select the drive voltage parameters, pay attention to the use of voltage in the process of no-load and load does not exceed the scope stipulated in the drive. Second, we will choose the peak current drive, select the method of peak current rating of the motor controller is known input current Ir ( 一) , the peak current Ip ( 一) 2 * Ir or higher, or drive in the process of using output current no certain engineering allowance, if known to the rated output power of the motor controller ( Or the highest output power) Pr( W) And the driving voltage Vr ( V) , the peak current Ip ( 一) ≥4*Pr/Vr。 Third, we can also according to the parameters set motor controller, but we need according to different parameters of the motor controller to set it right and, of course, but we also need to be taken into account, the scope of application of the higher the temperature the more wide price. And brushless dc motor controller drives the brake the motor controller side short circuit braking, motor controller has the brake force, operation is not running, there is no brake force, the greater the speed, the higher the brake force. Due to the braking current without using current sensing resistor, braking current can't control. So when braking speed cannot exceed safe braking speed, otherwise may burn out power tube, this feature, please use caution. Fourth, there is also a key is the power of the insulation requirement, to guarantee the normal work of the drive, motor controller wire winding wire, ground wire and motor controller hall hall ground wire winding line and straight line insulation resistance can be greater than 100 million Ω 500 VDC, able to withstand 600 vac / 50 hz/ma / 1 seconds not breakdown pressure.
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