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What are the benefits of using brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

a plate of brushless motor controller refers to the brushless dc motor controller by the motor, it consists of main body and the drive, is a typical mechatronics product. Because of brushless dc motor based on self-control type operation, so don't like frequency control of motor speed under overloading starting of synchronous motor controller as plus startup winding on the rotor, also won't generate oscillation and step out when load mutation. Medium and small capacity of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM), now many rare earth ndfeb material using high magnetic energy product. Therefore, the volume of rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor than three-phase asynchronous motor with capacity reduces a brushless dc motor machine base number. : scope of application: brushless motor controller is often used in the control request is higher, higher speed of the device, such as model aircraft, precision instruments and meters for speed control of motor controller strictly, spins at very high device. Service life: brushless motor controller: usually life in tens of thousands of hours in the order of magnitude, but due to the different bearing brushless motor controller also has a very different life. Use effect: brushless motor controller, are usually digital frequency conversion control, controllability is strong, from a few rotations per minute (RPM), to the tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be very easy to implement. Energy-saving aspects: relatively, brushless motor controller adopts frequency conversion control than series motor controller and energy saving will be many, the most typical is the frequency conversion air conditioning and refrigerator. And maintenance aspects in the future, need to replace carbon brush carbon brush motor controller, if change will cause the damage to the motor controller, and brushless motor controller, a long service life and are usually brush motor controller more than 10 times, but the bad will need to replace the motor controller, but basic don't need daily maintenance. Noise aspect has nothing to do with whether a brush motor controller, basically be to see the bearing and motor controller with the internal components. The parameters of the model of the brushless motor controller, in addition to the physical dimension ( Diameter, length, diameter of axle, etc. ) , weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current and other parameters, also an important indicator - KV value, this value is unique to the brushless motor controller of a performance parameter, is judge brushless motor controller performance characteristics of an important data.
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