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Use the brushless dc motor controller little common sense

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
In order to better use the brushless motor controller, below I give everybody introduction of brushless motor controller notice:
( 1) Before disassembly, want to use compressed air to blow the net surface dust, motor controller and scraped clean surface dirt.
( 2) Choose motor controller the dissolution of the work site, clean up the scene environment.
( 3) Familiar with motor controller structure features and technical maintenance requirements.
( 4) Ready to collapse the required tools, Including special tools) And equipment.
( 5) In order to further understand the defects in operation of the motor controller, conditional can before disassembly when doing an inspection test. For this, turn motor controller with load test, check the motor controller in detail various parts, such as temperature, sound, vibration, and test the voltage, current, speed, etc. , and then disconnect the load, do a no-load check test, no-load loss and no-load current is measured and recorded.
( 6) Cut off the power supply, motor controller wiring to remove, recorded.
( 7) Choose appropriate voltage test motor controller insulation resistance by megger are. Maintenance in order to keep pace with The Times when measured insulation resistance compared to determine the motor controller changing trend and insulation insulation condition, different temperatures shall be measured insulation resistance value conversion to the same temperature, the average conversion to 75 ℃.
( 8) Test absorption than K. When the absorption ratio greater than 1. 33, show that motor controller insulation or degree of be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp or it's nothing serious. In order to compare with previous data, also want to add any temperature measured absorption than the conversion to the same temperature.
understand familiar with these, can we use better, and make the brushless motor controller better life, this is also a small method of accumulating wealth.

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