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To do so without having to worry about the noise of the brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
When the motor controller appear problem, we should check and solve the problem in time, the premise is we to the motor controller has certain understanding the potential problems. Today, I'd like to introduce noise processing method of brushless dc motor controller, please read it carefully. 1, transmission part damage during the installation process, improper operation will damage the transmission parts, lead to inaccurate system movement or unstable; High speed moving parts damage caused by oil film vibration; The moving parts of artificial dynamic imbalance: can produce vibration and noise. During the installation process, the need to pay attention to and try to avoid these reasons. Unable to repair the damaged parts need to be replaced to ensure system stability of noise level. 2, damping, and prevent measures in the process of reducer installed, should avoid as far as possible produce resonance between the body and foundation support and fittings and noise generation. Brushless dc gear motor controller for energy saving one or a few of reducer gear within the scope of a certain velocity resonance occur frequently. In addition to the design reason, it is directly related to the installation process is not empty test can find the resonance position, and take corresponding vibration or blocking measures. For some need low noise and vibration transmission reducer, should choose the basis of high toughness and high damping material, in order to reduce the occurrence of noise and vibration. 3, brushless dc gear motor, gear motor controller energy-saving controller loose parts installation process, because the individual components ( Institutions such as bearing preload, axis positioning, etc. ) Loose, inaccurate positioning system, can produce abnormal position of meshing, axis movement, vibration and noise. This series of need from the design structure, as far as possible connection stability of institutions, and adopt all kinds of connection methods. Among them, the parts geometric accuracy adjustment does not meet the requirements of the standard, lead to brushless dc motor controller components resonance, so as to produce noise, this should add tooling and ensure and improve the installation process, assembly personnel's overall quality is directly related to.
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