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The role of dc motor controller in the stand

by:Hoprio     2020-07-30
In the structural design of dc motor controller is divided into two parts, the stator and rotor, stator and consists of frame, main pole, commutating pole, end cover, bearing and electric brush device, etc. The rotor is by the shaft, the armature iron core, the armature winding, commutator and fan, etc. Below small make up said the stator frame in the play what role. 1. Can be used for the main pole and commutating pole and end cover is fixed, and the motor controller have the effect of support and fixation. 2. Due to its itself belongs to a part of the magnetic circuit, so as to constitute a access between the magnetic pole, thus ensuring base has enough mechanical strength and permeability resistance. Is stand above play a role, I hope it can help you.
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