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The motor controller of energy efficiency standards and IEC motor controller efficiency standards

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

a, international motor controller standard efficiency, currently has more than 10 countries and regions in the world with a motor controller of energy efficiency standards, international energy efficiency standards continue to improve the motor controller, motor controller international standards concerning trend is obvious. International electrotechnical commission IEC agreed to motor controller of global energy efficiency standard for IE1 and IE2, IE3, IE4 four levels, such as the IE1 as the standard, IE2 efficiency for high efficiency, IE3 for high efficiency, and release the standard values. In 2014, the IEC organization released the IEC 60034 - 30 - 1, the motor controller power expanded to include 0. 12 kw - 1000 kw motor controller, and officially released the IE4 standard values of energy efficiency. The motor controller ecological design new EC directive No. 640/2009 on July 22, 2009, the European Union for IE3 motor controller compulsory standards set a specific timetable. This instruction implementation is divided into three steps plan, schedule is as follows: 2, the motor controller GB18613 - energy efficiency standards 2012 to target the requirement of the limited value of energy efficiency in China is one of the world's motor manufacturing power, high efficiency motor controller is the direction of the motor controller in the future market, to make motor controller products to the world market in our country, must make motor controller products in the energy efficiency level reached the technical requirements of the international market. Reference standards of energy efficiency industry of our country current motor controller was released in 2012 the national standard of the allowable value of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor efficiency and energy efficiency grade ( Hereinafter referred to as GB18613 - 2012). According to the GB18613 - 2012 recommendations, motor controller target limited value of energy efficiency as the recommended suggestion, requirements in the efficiency of the rated output power should not be lower than grade 2 ( IE3) Energy efficiency standards, encourage enterprises to research and development and production of IE3 motor controller, the energy efficiency level has reached the world level in our country, the concrete implementation are as follows: for 7 rated power range. 5 ~ 375 kw motor controller, the aim of energy efficiency limit value is carried out in 4 years (GB18613 standard Also since September 2017) Start formal implementation; For the rated power of 7. Below 5 kw motor controller, the aim of energy efficiency limit value in GB18613 - After five years (2012 standard implementation Also since September 2018) Began to implement. Third, compared with IEC standard of energy efficiency in China motor controller of energy efficiency standards and international standards in China, to our country standard of motor controller is compared with IEC standard can be found: 1) Motor controller hierarchy of energy efficiency in China is different from international standard GB 18613 the energy efficiency level is divided into level 1, level 2 and level 3, level 1 as the highest efficiency. International standards of energy efficiency into IE4, IE3, IE2, IE1 four grades, IE1 level minimum, IE4 as the highest level. 2) Standards of energy efficiency in China limited range of motor controller is different from international standards in our country motor controller efficiency standards according to the different types of motor controller were developed, GB18613 - Energy efficiency standards for limited to only 2012 voltage 1000 v and below, 50 hz three-phase ac power supply, power rating in 0. 75 - Within the scope of 375 kw, the number of levels of 2, 4 and 6, single speed closed since the fan cooled, N design, the general use of continuously motor controller or general use explosion-proof motor controller. Other power of motor controller also have special energy efficiency standards. IEC international standards will power range from 0. 12 kw - Are limited to 1000 kw motor controller IEC60034 - 30 - 1 in the standard. 3) Part 1 standard values of energy efficiency in China is higher than the IEC IE4 levels of energy efficiency in China's energy efficiency standard of motor controller 1 level determine the efficiency value of energy efficiency motor controller is based on copper rotor motor efficiency value of the index, the development of the copper rotor motor controller depends on the copper rotor technology innovation. China's energy efficiency of grade 1 standard part of energy efficiency power value is higher than that stipulated in the IEC IE4 standard values, for the most widely used energy efficiency 4 pole motor controller such as shown below: 4) Our country level 2 and level 3 energy efficiency standard IEC energy efficiency level of GB - 18613 2012 for test equipment, testing method is put forward higher requirements, improve the indicators of energy efficiency of the motor controller in our country, make the motor controller values of energy efficiency in China reached the European level. GB 18613 - Level 2 and level 3 of the 2012 efficiency value of the indicators meet the IE3 IEC standard and the efficiency value of the IE2.
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