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Is how to realize the speed control of brushless dc motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

is how to realize the speed control of brushless dc motor controller? Every few days will encounter the problem of mechanical and electronic company, is used in the brushless motor controller needs of potential customers to inquire of the common problems, and mechanical and electrical must explain this knowledge for you. Brushless dc motor controller without brush wear, maintenance is relatively simple, the more reliable brush, but need to install driver ( The reversing) Circuit. Way of speed control of brushless dc motor controller in the first case is that is controlled by voltage and torque is mainly composed of electric current to control, usually with a controller of form a complete set of motor drives, just changing the output voltage of a driver can control the speed of the motor controller, if there is no drive, want to control motor controller directly, it needs to see the power and the working current of motor controller. If it is a small power motor speed controller can use resistor ( Is not recommended, the method is simple, series a potentiometer, but this way will reduce the efficiency, so not recommended) , high-power motor controller cannot use resistance adjusting speed, high power because it needs a small resistances ( Motor controller working resistance is very small) , and that the resistance is not good looking for this solution efficiency is too low, it is better to find a matching drives the second mode of speed control of brushless dc motor controller, PWM speed regulation of dc motor PWM speed regulation principle of the controller and speed control principle of ac motor controller is different, it is not by frequency modulation way to adjust the speed of the motor controller, but through adjust the way of driving voltage pulse width, and cooperate with some corresponding energy storage components in circuit, changed to the armature voltage amplitude, so as to achieve the purpose of speed change of dc motor controller. It is way of modulation amplitude modulation. PWM control has two ways: 1. Using PWM signal, control transistor conduction time, conduction, the longer you work, the longer, the higher the speed of the motor controller is. Using PWM control signal control transistor conduction time, change the control voltage levels to implement a dc motor controller has the advantage of starting torque, speed control system has simple structure, low price, however faults have many such as noise, easy to damage, for carbon brush, so gradually replaced by the brushless dc motor controller. Above as the manufacturer of the brushless motor controller is how to realize the speed control for brushless dc motor controller to make the interpretation of, how do you think there are some difficult to understand, can ask mechanical and electrical technician for a more detailed explanation for you. The service hotline 400 - free of charge 0966 - 850
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