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Excellent brushless motor controller should have the advantages of the controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

excellent brushless motor controller, the controller should have the advantage of under double pressures of energy shortage and stringent environmental requirements, higher efficiency and better dynamic performance and lower operating noise, has become the inevitable trend of the drive motor controller design. In efficiency, noise, weight, life has the advantage of brushless dc motor controller has become a new hot motor controller. From the traditional AC motor controller design into a more energy efficient brushless motor controller, is becoming a motor control application designers chasing hot spots at present. However, if the designer cannot effectively gain advanced, complex motor control algorithms, no matter choose which kind of method, is challenging. Excellent brushless motor controller controller should have what advantage? Of course is not only related to advanced or high-speed processor, and, more importantly, needs to mature advanced semiconductor technology and modular combination of brushless motor controller control repositories. A new type of brushless dc motor controller need more sophisticated electronic control. But many of the traditional motor controller engineers know only the hardware industry, the lack of electronic control algorithm and converts complicated digital computing software coding experience and proprietary technology. In order to realize the motor controller is of high reliability, low cost and high efficiency, the industry from the sensor to the sensorless transformation trend is clear. For example, in the traditional field oriented control motor controller design, using the rotor sensor can increase both the cost ( Need sensors, power supply, special wiring and connectors, installation and maintenance) , and also may reduce reliability ( Harsh conditions there is an electrical noise, performance degradation, easily affected by the temperature and humidity) , which has adverse effects on the system. In addition, in the enclosed compressor or large traction equipment in many applications such as sensor is also completely impractical. If the brushless motor controller the continued rapid development of the industry, can appear the solution: brushless motor controller can not only provide modular control software library, thus minimizing the software design work, can also provide additional features to implement system of programmable control and communication interface, and hardware protection and steady simulation controller, the controller for brushless motor controller industry will be a milestone by leaps and bounds.
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