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Brushless motor controller method of velocity measurement

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

the brushless motor controller of speed measurement method is a lot of customers want to motor controller speed feedback, but for ordinary motor controller, due to internal without feedback element, was the only through external measurement or feedback components such as encoder to realize the measurement of motor speed controller. The brushless motor controller due to the motor controller is a mechanical and electrical integration, itself is with feedback element, so the brushless motor controller speed measurement method has a variety of options, the following with you to explore the speed measurement method of brushless motor controller of two kinds of common. 1, the principle of hall effect speed measuring method of brushless motor controller of magnetic steel shaft drive shaft rotation, the size, changing magnetic field by hall circuit converts magnetic field changes to the pulse signal, cosmetic enlargement, rectangular pulse signal output. When the speed changes, the output pulse frequency can change. Dc gear motor controller rotational speed is obtained. The pulse signal can be read by PLC and then to calculate the real-time speed of brushless motor controller. Want convenience can also form a complete set with the function of digital display drive, drive integration to calculate the signal function, can display the real-time speed brushless motor controller, which is through the internal feedback element speed is the most concise and effective method. But because of the general brushless motor controller installed on are three hall sensors, to the speed of feedback signal and calculating value, there are certain error requires precise speed, and can detect real-time speed of internal, add the encoder is a better choice. 2, photoelectric speed measuring method of using grid disk and optical switch speed measuring system. When the brushless motor controller through the transmission part of the grid disk rotates, the speed photoelectric door to obtain a series of pulse signal. The pulse signal by single chip microcomputer with two timer/counter, a count a timing. Calculate the number of pulses per unit time m, through unit conversion, you can calculate the motor rotation speed controller. This method and infrared velocimeter is actually the same principle, in the ordinary motor controller on the speed of detection, we often see a speedometer on the shaft or disk with a first reflective film, and then in turn by a device to read out the speed of the motor controller, photoelectric speed measuring method and the principle of this method is the same. Are the external speed. Brushless motor controller is simple and convenient method of velocity measurement can effectively solve the problem of customer feedback controller for the motor speed, and control for mechanical equipment operation more accurate and clear, improve the production efficiency and yield.
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