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Brushless dc motor controller controller advanced energy saving technology

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
In both industrial and domestic commercial electricity, the energy consumed by a motor controller occupies a high proportion. If improve motor power input, the output of the controller system, can improve the efficiency of electricity. So every country or region for motor controller relating to the product improvement plan is put forward.
home electric power converter output (approximately can be divided into Light, TV) And the motor controller driver ( Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, fans, vacuum cleaners, etc. ) This two categories, including motor controller drives the electricity consumed 70% of households. Efficiency increase of 10%, if the motor controller can save approximately 10 billion degrees of electricity, quite a large nuclear power station, by the power. If in a year of global power to calculate approximately 20 million degrees, can save 2 million degrees of electricity consumption. The astonishing figure is equivalent to two hundred large power plant. And in energy regulation and environmental issues, industrial upgrading, product is the necessary condition to maintain sustained economic development.
today's home appliances drive motor controller is divided into two categories, ac motor controller, dc motor controller. Dc motor controller is divided into a dc and brushless motor controller. Due to the progress of materials science, brushless dc motor controller, BLDC or all-digital fuzzy) motors The considerable recent breakthrough of research and production. Brushless dc motor controller has a quiet, no noise, no maintenance, long service life, characteristic and advantage of small volume; Especially effective input/output ratio, have excellent performance in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.
brushless dc motor controller at the request of the technical level and the barriers to entry are better than other motor controller ( Such as ac, dc brush) Higher, so have high added value; At the same time in the face of the double pressure of energy shortage and environmental requirements, natural became the target of environmental protection product with high efficiency, and adopts brushless dc motor controller design conform to the requirements of the above products.

brushless dc motor control driver can be driven by square wave ( 梯形控制) Or magnetic flux sine PWM drive two kinds of control system is presented. Among them, the magnetic flux sinusoidal driven by industry told. PWM

on sine can only rely on three parts hall smoothly to generate sine wave phase current control signal, must be the location of the integration of high resolution encoder to assist hall parts, in order to obtain more accurate location information, so in order to produce the sine wave. But it is not a general position encoder the high cost of application can accept, space vector modulation arises at the historic moment.
the space vector modulation PWM ( SVPWM) Also called magnetic flux sine PWM method. It on the premise of three-phase waveform overall effect and air gap in motor controller is the ideal circular trajectory, for the purpose of a rotating magnetic field with different switch mode controller produced by actual benchmark flux to approximate circle flux, is decided by their comparison results of the controller switch, formation of PWM waveform. This method from the perspective of brushless motor controller, the controller and motor controller as a whole, within the polygon approximation cutting round control in the form of the brushless dc motor controller for constant amplitude circular magnetic field ( Sinusoidal magnetic flux) 。
the specific method is divided into magnetic flux open-loop mode and magnetic flux closed-loop mode. Flux open-loop method with two nonzero vector and a zero vector synthesis a equivalent voltage vector, if the sampling time is small enough, can synthesize any voltage vector. Which output voltage 15% higher than that of the sine wave modulation, the sum of harmonic current RMS close to the minimum. Magnetic flux introduced magnetic flux feedback closed loop way, control the size of the magnetic flux and the speed of change. After comparing estimate the flux and the given magnetic flux, decided to produce a voltage vector, according to the error formation of PWM waveform. This method overcome the deficiency of the magnetic flux ring opening method, solves the brushless dc motor controller is low speed, stator resistance influence bigger problem, reduces the vibration and noise of motor controller.
in fairchild semiconductor products, a series of brushless motor controller application reference circuit. Among them, the control unit ( Motor Control IC) - FCM8201/02 have a square wave/wave two kinds of driving mode, can be used in accordance with the different product use alternative and various protective functions, software writing ability is different from the general MCU units need to have in order to design, lower the difficulty of development technology, and can greatly shorten the manufacturer of the product construction production schedule. Other such as fairchild semiconductor intelligent power module ( SPM) ( IGBT/MOSFET,HVIC) , PFC, power management IC, etc. , fairchild semiconductor can quickly provide complete solutions.
in different applications and products, square-wave driving with low switching losses and does not require accurate rotor feedback, etc. But then came the torque ripple is larger, more suitable for use in large power output places. Such as vehicles, pumps, machine tools, industrial fans and outdoor type products.
string wave to drive the brushless motor controller has a smooth operation and the advantages of no vibration, no noise, suitable for occasions: vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, home fans and other household products.
in this era of energy shortage and environmental protection consciousness rise, reduce has nuclear power is the goal of the common efforts of all people, the demand for high performance motor controller driver also gradually accepted by society in general, motor controller control chip design requirements, of course, more and more is also high. Controller of sensorless BLDC or all-digital fuzzy motors, for example, motor, hall sensors and higher-order sensorless and PFC of the motor controller is the future trend of development. Provide complete design and simulation software, besides can simplify the development of the schedule, also can drive motor controller to achieve the efficiency of optimization, can effectively shorten the cycle of product.
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