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What is the brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

machinery has been committed to pursuing longer life than those with brush motor controller is more controllable brushless motor controller. Because brushless motor controller has been appeared in recent years the product, so now still have a lot of people in the industry of brushless motor controller is full of curiosity. The brushless motor controller appear what's the point? Mechanical and electrical will explain the issue here some basic characteristics of the brushless motor controller. Brushless motor controller, the basic characteristics of brushless motor controller, without using are generally considered to be the drawback of the DC motor brush and commutator mechanical contact DC motor using brush and commutator rotating, so need regular maintenance, and brushless motor controller using hall IC detected signal, using the ON/OFF of the power circuit of the transistor rotate, so the brushless motor controller without maintenance. Steady speed control of brushless motor controller can be continued to set speed and speed feedback signal from the motor, to adjust the voltage applied to the motor controller; So even if the condition of the load change, still can adjust to the set speed from low speed instantly, and stable running speed. Using inverter control of three-phase induction motor controller of feedback control, so the load gets bigger, the velocity can break down; For high speed stability requirement of use, recommend the use of brushless motor controller. Light-weight, high-power brushless motor controller using permanent magnet rotor, thus realized the light-weight and high power; For example, compared with the three-phase induction motor controller installation size 90 shorten length> 75 mm, the output power reaches 1. Three times. If the brushless motor controller, contributes to the realization of miniaturization of device. The broad scope of speed control, Lh-zd is the speed limit to 2500 RPM, after the driver changes can be applied to 4000 RPM motor controller) Brushless motor controller speed control range more widely than AC speed regulating motor controller and frequency converter, because do not like AC speed regulating motor controller used frequently in low speed torque limit, as a result, apply to from low to high speed brushless motor controller needs a torque of purpose. Contribute to energy saving, with protection function, help to protect the safety of the equipment system of the brushless motor controller used permanent magnet rotor, the rotor can be reduced by quadratic loss, so compared with the three-phase induction motor controller adopts frequency conversion control, power consumption reduced by more than 20%, help device for energy saving. Mechanical and electronic brushless motor controller is introduced here temporarily, if need more information, please contact via our web site to consult or dynamic focus on our website.
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