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What is a brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
My company is a company engaged in brushless dc motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is composed of motor drive controller and driver. It is a typical mechatronics product. No brush and commutator is brushless motor controller ( Or collector) The motor controller, also called no motor commutator. Early in the motor controller was born, is the form of brushless motor controller, that is to say, the ac squirrel cage induction motor, the motor controller is widely used. Induction motor, however, there are many insurmountable defects, make motor controller technology developed slowly. The century of the birth of the transistor, and the transistor switch circuit instead of dc brush and commutator of the dc brushless motor controller arises at the historic moment. New type of brushless motor controller called electronic commutator dc motor controller, to overcome the defects of the first generation of brushless motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is a permanent magnet synchronous motor, is it a real dc motor controller. Difference in brushless dc motor controller, without the use of the machine controller of brushless dc motor brush device, using the control of permanent magnet synchronous motor controller to replace carbon brush by hall sensor ndfeb permanent magnet as rotor commutator performance compared to the traditional dc motor controller has great advantages of square wave, is the ideal speed regulating motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is the nature of the use of dc power input, and the inverter for three-phase ac power source, with position feedback, permanent magnet synchronous motor controller.
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