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To determine whether a brushless motor controller to overload

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

whether brushless motor controller to overload by permanent magnet brushless motor controller, multipolar winding of the stator and rotor position sensor, etc. Motor controller than normal in the process of using a dc motor controller is relatively complex, so a lot of people don't know how to judge whether the brushless motor controller overload, as below we discuss whether brushless motor controller to the overload. After pulling up one of them, the power cord to the electric meter connected to the drive power CONNECTOR at the end of the one of the pin, the other end is connected to another pin power outlet, so at this stage can be measured under load must take the current value, and then according to the current value to control the motor current controller/torque table, so we know the current load status is normal or whether there is an overload occurs. In general, the structure of the brushless motor controller is relatively simple, really determine its performance or brushless drive speed, good governor drive needs a single chip microcomputer control program design, circuit design, control the overall process, such as complex processing technology, so the cost is higher than a brush motor controller, but can realize complex control and automation is brush motor controller is not comparable. Brushless motor controller, specializing in the production of brushless motor controller, solve the brushless motor controller. Contact: 13326768788.
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