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The development of new industrial revolution for the brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

the new industrial revolution significance for the development of brushless motor controller, a new industrial revolution refers to October 14, 2015, premier li keqiang on a state council executive meeting important speech, he stressed: Internet + double gen + 2025 made in China, and combine with each other for industrial innovation, will create a new industrial revolution. China is trying to promote and perfect the third industrial revolution, in some areas, such as China's 'Internet +' has been at the forefront of the third industrial revolution. Whether in the government decision-making level, or folk development, China's new industrial revolution in picking up. China as the world's manufacturing power, although in individual sectors such as high-speed rail, nuclear power in the hands of the advanced production technology, but most of the manufacturing industry with advanced technology, especially the alignment of information technology is not high, the manufacturing of internal research and development ability is not strong, the lack of core key technology. In addition, China is still in the industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization and rapid development stage, industrial energy consumption, environmental pollution and other issues have not been fundamentally solved. Industrial energy consumption, pollution of the environment of these problems have been accompanied in the rapid development of China, xi chairman once said, hills and green than jinshan yinshan, better don't jinshan yinshan hills and green. Visible environment problem has reached a very severe. Previous industrial development is through the consumption of energy for development, lead to the most intuitionistic problem is now the vegetation destruction, sandstorms and fog. And before a lot of machinery is used by the traditional motor controller, large energy consumption, high loss, power consumption means that need more power, the updating cycle of high loss means fast, need to continuously produce motor controller to be put into use again, this is, of course, greatly increased the cost of environmental protection. To change this situation, the first is to need to change the motor controller. Now there are a lot of customers are looking for environmental protection and energy saving motor controller, why? In addition to conform to the state of development of the idea, will get the national policy support subsidy, more is in addition to outside the upfront costs more, the subsequent growth in earnings is cost. In environmental protection and energy saving the forefront of the motor controller, is the brushless motor controller. The rapid development of the brushless motor controller, thanks to environmental protection and energy saving policy, benefit from the new trend of the industrial revolution, both in the innovation, or the level of manufacturing in China, brushless motor controller is a conform to the trend of The Times mechanical and electrical integration of the motor controller. Cancel the physical carbon brush commutation switch to digital signal, in addition to the control mode of motor controller is more diverse, also reduce the volume of motor controller; No carbon brush consumption, there is only the consumption of bearing, life growth greatly, can reach more than 20000 hours, basically free maintenance at the same time, save worry save time, energy conservation and emissions reduction is the most important, with the power of the brushless motor controller output torque is larger than a brush motor controller by more than 30%, means you can drive with a smaller motor controller with a motor controller to load the same thing, the energy consumption is lower. Brushless motor controller, low energy consumption, low loss, support the communication control, whether in the traditional industrial application, or on the newly developed automation machinery sector, are going to be able to do. So on the way of new industrial revolution, brushless motor controller is undoubtedly one of choice for customers to use the motor controller, cooperate with the national policy support, brushless motor controller development prospect is bright.
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