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Many clients of a new type of brushless motor controller is very curious, here are with some knowledge of the brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

many do pump, AGV car such as customer wants to know the recent electromechanical introduced brushless motor controller, now will give you with some knowledge of the brushless motor controller. Foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD is specializing in the production of brushless motor controller. Brushless motor controller, which is belong to the dc motor controller, and a permanent magnet dc motor controller. It just like we are familiar with servo motor controller is permanent magnet synchronous motor controller. Brushless motor controller is a square wave, square wave energy into kinetic energy efficiency is 80%. Servo motor controller is a sine wave, sine wave energy into kinetic energy efficiency is 90%. Brushless motor controller, it is the core of the three basic components: the hall plate, magnet and coil. Coil, as we all know is the size of the decision power; Magnets, magnetic tile, we usually use is a piece of magnetic tile 2, 1 for extremely, so if you have any 4 piece of magnetic tile inside the motor controller is 4 pole 8 to; Hall plate, there are three induction points, each sensor point are separated by 120 °, in 8 cases of extremely, turn a circle there are 3 * 8 = 24 signal feedback. Another stator brushless motor controller parts: shell ( Silicon steel sheet) ; Flange, the shell ( Aluminum alloy) The coil. The factors affecting the stand or fall of motor controller is the level of silicon steel sheet, whether a integrated, uniformity of incision, the use of materials and so on. Good motor controller silicon steel sheet are generally not exposed. Brushless motor controller need remote control, communication protocol support, through the PC to control, which means PC ordered to drive in accordance with the instructions to run, so the brushless motor controller must match the drive. The distance of the brushless motor controller and driver is generally within 6 meters, and computers and drive now temporarily do the longest distance is 60 m. Drive interface is simulated. The use of brushless motor controller, using temperature: - 25℃- +60℃; Cold places in the north main consideration is the grease of reducer need to change into low temperature grease. 57 series brushless motor controller advice if you need to work long hours power do under 70 w, or calorific value will be very big. Because of the brushless motor controller is a new type of motor controller, many equipment manufacturers have not mastered the technical side. If you need to know more about the brushless motor controller, can continue to focus on our mechanical and electrical website, the information will be regularly updated brushless motor controller. Can also be consulting our technicians, consulting phone number is 13326768788
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