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Brushless motor controller is how to through the hall signals to detect speed

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

how brushless motor controller through the hall signals to detect speed a lot of customers are very want to know how to test the speed of the motor controller, if it is a common motor controller, in the general case, if you need to accurately detect the speed of the motor controller, need to be done by plus auxiliary equipment, such as infrared speed detector, dc velocimeter, photoelectric encoder, etc. Because ordinary motor controller inside without digital components, to measure the rotational speed signal. If there is a digital components inside, can through the feedback signal to measure speed, servo motor controller, stepper motor controller, brushless motor controller such as mechanical and electrical integration of motor controller will have this function, although it through signal measurement speed precision is not high, but for some of the design of control system equipment for accuracy is not high, brushless motor controller can be directly used to motor controller inside hall sensor output pulse signal to measure speed. Brushless motor controller rotated 360 ° electrical Angle corresponding to the permutation and combination of six kinds of hall signal output corresponding corresponding six commutation state, corresponding to the location of the speed can be measured. Brushless motor controller inside has three hall element, can achieve basic position control, and can be read through FG signal feedback line brushless motor controller goes in a moment of rotation speed, so as to achieve the purpose of speed. According to the above diagram can be seen that the speed of the brushless dc motor controller can read signals will not be too accurate, so it at the time of application is also biased towards the torque motor controller, auxiliary rough control. If you need precise speed, or need additional auxiliary equipment such as encoder.
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