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Brushless motor controller applied in centrifuge above

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

the brushless motor controller on centrifuge centrifuge application field widely, used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipping departments. With the rapid development of centrifuges, centrifuge technology in China, the market demand is gradually increased, the centrifuge product categories are also increasingly rich, it makes a lot of users on the choice is also a lot more likely. In the centrifuge, the motor controller is an indispensable core parts. The same type of centrifuge can match with motor controller, brushless motor controller, the user can choose for both the advantages and disadvantages of, also can become a standard of measure when choosing products. A brush motor controller, has simple structure, low cost, convenient connection. But there are some drawbacks, for example, in general, the machine starts working speed constant, speed is not very easy. Due to commutation device and the rotor fixed together, and the carbon brush with shell and fixed, motor controller turns brush and phase switcher constant friction produces a lot of resistance to heat, therefore, has the efficiency of the motor controller is relatively low, and the loss is very big. Once the carbon brush wear too much, just need to replace carbon brush, short service life, maintenance complex, basically need to replace the motor controller directly. Brushless motor controller is also in the internal structure of the electrode in no carbon brush motor controller. Specifically, its light resistance mainly comes from the rotation of the rotor and stator contact point. Therefore, brushless motor controller on both ends of the rotor are commonly used ball bearings to reduce friction, thus, will not have a lot of friction and heat resistance. And have a motor controller, the brushless motor controller and disadvantages. Its speed control system than the cost of a brush with the speed control system of high-speed motor controller, and centrifuge controller in use are prone to failure. Users can according to the motor controller and the advantages and disadvantages of the brushless motor controller to select the suitable products. However, in general, motor controller the manufacturing cost is low, so the market prices are more affordable, start to work after speed constant. Suitable for constant speed operation equipment. The brushless motor controller controllability is strong, small power consumption, small noise, no dust and environmental protection, etc. Although there are motor controller, the relative to its price is higher. Large laboratory and scientific research units, especially the application of environmental protection and energy saving would have a big advantage. The characteristics of long service life, energy efficiency, making it more and more widely used in centrifuge.
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