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What is speed reducer ratio?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

reducer ratio, it is to point to when using mechanical deceleration machine, we will be the rated speed of the motor nN ( r / min) With reducer output shaft speed ratio of nL called ratio I ( Also called copy ratio) 我= nN /问。 The calculation method of reduction ratio: set: the motor rated power controller for P ( 千瓦) , the speed of n1 ( r/min) The total transmission ratio, reducer, transmission efficiency u. Is: the output torque = 9550 * * u * I/P n1 ( N。 m) 1, define calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed present output speed. 2, general calculation method: reduction ratio = use torque present 9550 present motor controller power controller power input revolutions present using coefficient of MB CVT machine use of the note. 3, the gear zhidao calculation method: reduction ratio = driven gear teeth present active gear teeth ( If it is a multistage gear reduction, and all will be a pair of gears meshing driven wheel teeth present driving wheel gear, then will be the result of the multiplication, NRV reducer. 4, belt, chain and friction wheel reduction ratio calculation method: reduction ratio = driven wheel diameter present driving wheel diameter, helical gear reducer, cycloid pin wheel reducer how to add lubricant.
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