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What internal and external rotor brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Most of the use of the brushless motor controller friends have this kind of feeling. For the same level of brushless motor controller, comparison within the outer rotor and rotor current, will find more external rotor torque motor controller, to some 'hard', inner rotor torque motor controller is a bit small, to some 'soft'. From the point of motor controller parameters, exterior rotor motor controller KV values greater than 800, of the inner rotor motor controller KV values greater than 1000 to 2000. Look at speed, the rotating speed of rotor motor controller was obviously higher than that of external rotor motor controller. In fact, these features are related to KV value. Based on the definition of KV value, the idle speed brushless motor controller is KV value multiplied by the input voltage, which explains why the speed of the inner rotor motor controller is higher than the speed of the rotor brushless motor controller.
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