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The magnetization operation of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Dc motor controller in use will pass on the magnetization of the operation, to get better performance. But there are some matters needing attention in the magnetization process, we need to clear. Below small make up to introduce. Because of the different USES of dc motor controller, so have different performance; And different performance depends on the internal structure of the electromagnetic motor controller parameters, in the aspect of magnetic parameters requires a different shape of air-gap magnetic field distribution, so as to improve the magnetic flux of large amount, make the electromagnetic moment of motor controller is larger. And little vibration, low noise, small spark, but in the output power and efficiency requirement is not high dc motor controller, the air-gap magnetic field distribution inside need to less than a third pole pitch flat wave or sine wave, to ensure the applicability of the motor controller. Above is for the magnetization considerations of dc motor controller introduces, you understand?
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